Things I am going to miss about Canada

If you have been reading this blog for a while, I am sure you know we enjoy living here! You may also know that we are heading home to Melbourne very soon (next week). I have previously written about the things we love about North Vancouver, so I will miss those things, but here are a few more random things I am going to miss about Canada…

  • Waffle cones – glorious real waffle cones and some amazing ice-cream flavours. I have had waffle cones in Australia that are just sugar cones shaped to look like waffle cones. Here, they often make them on waffle irons in the shop. So good!


  • Right now, ice-skating is included in my gym membership. Crazy, I know. There are three rinks within 15 mins drive that I can go to. They are available 6 months of the year. (To put this in perspective, ice-skating costs $20 – $25 per visit in Australia!!!). And often when I arrive at the rink… it looks like this:


  • The lack of wind. I have a severe dislike of wind. Except for occasional storm, there is rarely more than a breeze in Vancouver.
  • Beautiful summer days, where you can go out at 10pm and it is still light
  • Being able to walk everywhere we need to go. I realise we could have this in Melbourne too if we chose to live somewhere different, but where we live, it is not an option.

A walk in NV-14

  • Cheap movies – $11.25 normally or $6.99 on a Tuesday ($AUD is about par to $CAD). The cinemas are a bit smaller and dingier, but do you really notice that once it has started anyway??
  • Bottomless coke… it took us about a year and a half to learn that bottomless soft drink (soda) is standard over here at restaurants. Chris very excited by this… me not so much.
  • The service at restaurants is definitely better in North America than Australia. I assume this is due to tips. Gonna miss that service!
  • Peanut flavoured everything, especially chocolate!


  • $1.50 avocados, bananas at $1.70 / kg and coriander (cilantro) for 75c a bunch – all year-round
  • Electricity that costs $20 a month for our 2 br apartment in North Vancouver. The cost of living in Vancouver is apparently similar to living in Melbourne, so it all evens out somewhere, but still…
  • Driving on the right side of the road. Not because it is any better than the left, but because I am going to have to learn how to again!!
  • Being able to drive to the Canadian Rockies or the USA whenever you want
  • The snow… obviously! How could I not miss this… and the skiing too :(.

Manning Park at Christmas-44

  • Hanging out with friends here – we have made some good friends in Canada and we are going to miss you!!!

I am sure I have forgotten some things, likely much more important things than these!!


8 thoughts on “Things I am going to miss about Canada

  1. Hooray! Coming ‘home’!
    Please let us know when you’re up to visits, as I’d love to see a ‘slideshow’ and hear your experiences ‘personally’ … and you can meet our latest “pup” ( 9 months or so)


    • I’m definitely a lot more comfortable back driving in Australia, than I was when I first got to Canada. It took me a month to drive in Canada, but less than a week back here. I’m hoping driving on either side of the road will stick with me as a skill!!

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