Valley of Fire, Nevada

Haven’t heard of Valley of Fire? I am not surprised – it wasn’t on our original itinerary and we tossed up whether to go. It is “just” a state park, but it was probably one of my top 5 things we saw on our trip.

To get there take a drive east along the 167 – the drive itself is pretty cool, in a very rugged, deserty way.


Looking back toward Las Vegas

We took a little hike up a dusty mound for these views. I love all of the different coloured rocks.



Looking east along the 167

We wasted a bit of time when we first arrived at the Park, finding out that the office was closed and checking out some of the smaller attractions. Then we headed to the first of the two short hikes we wanted to do – the White Domes trail.


The different coloured rocks are again pretty cool. The trail is well signposted and even the 4yo loved it (nothing like scampering over rocks to keep children happy!).

We then rushed on to the Rainbow Vista trail, but didn’t have time to find the trail before the sunset, so we just took some photos and traipsed back. The signposting on this trail is poor at best.


Thankfully no snakes or scorpions were found on either hike!


My main advice for this trip is – leave enough time for you to be able to see what you want! If you don’t have a preschooler with you, I would allow a whole day to explore various trails (keeping in mind the heat!). We rushed through the whole experience and completely ran out of time. If we end up going back to this part of the world, we will definitely come back here and explore.

Have you been here? Did you love it as much as I did?


8 thoughts on “Valley of Fire, Nevada

  1. Saturday is a free park day so the entrance fee has been waived for Valley of Fire and we’ll be going to experiment with light painting at night. You have some great photos here and I’m surprised you have not post in a while.


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