Back in Australia

We arrived back in Australia in January after a very sad departure from Vancouver, Canada. We spent a week saying goodbye to lots of friends and enjoying a last bit of snow at Whistler.


In some ways it feels as though we have never left Australia. Most aspects of life are very similar to that which we had before – jobs, house, friends. It makes for a much easier transition compared to the first many months in Canada.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to borrow the parent’s / in-laws car for the first month while we found our feet. As second-hand car buying is never that much of a fun experience, we were able to avoid it for a short while – although I’m sure it didn’t feel that short to the parents!


It has been great catching up with lots of friends and family, and especially the quality time the munchkin has had with her grandparents! We headed up to Northern Victoria to visit a couple of friends one weekend a while back. Chris sacrificed his legs to the mozzies (mosquitoes) for the photo above and Mikayla had to ask once, “what is that Mummy” when a fly flew past her! There are flies in Vancouver, but…. not very many!

I have barely had the camera out since being back in the country, which is very different to so much of the time in Canada, where I saw new things I wanted to photograph weekly. The task is to see ‘old’ things with new eyes.


Life is a different pace here with a house and family and friends about. I had not realised how cruisey life in Canada was for us and the time I had to spend on blogging is much reduced! I still have a fair bit of our USA trip and final winter in Canada to blog about – if only so we look through the photos and find our favourites!




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