Jasper seemed to have it all. Lakes. Autumn trees. Snow. And a slightly crazed man playing with a snowball!


When we planned and packed for our trip in September, we didn’t really anticipate snow-type coldness. You wouldn’t think the first month of Autumn could be that cold… would you? We found out in Edmonton that it really could be, even though there was no snow there. Luckily we bought the little one some mittens, otherwise I am not sure we would have gotten through our time in Jasper.

Our first plan was to head up the Jasper Skytram. We had missed out on doing this activity in Lake Louise and Banff due to weather, so we really wanted to go on this one. It had snowed a few days earlier and we were able to experience the mountain on a very clear day. The Skytram takes you up part of the way. There is another 1km or so walk to the top. We didn’t make it – between not dressing warm enough, a toddler who needed to be carried and an icy walkway….

Jasper-3Jasper - header

The town of Jasper:


Trying to keep warm!


There are many lakes in the Jasper area. They were very tranquil and quiet at this time of year. No doubt a month or two earlier, these would be busy with people. In winter also, very busy and looks a little different! Pyramid lake in Autumn:


Patricia lake:


There were more, but I won’t bore you with too many photos of their blue magic!

One day we took a drive down to Maligne Lake for a boat tour of the lake. This lake was also gorgeous, although a blue sky may have helped!


Family photo:


The highly photographed Spirit Island:


Also just out of and south of Jasper is the beautiful Maligne Canyon. My photos don’t quite do it justice, as it is deep and difficult to photograph well.


The autumn colours were starting to show through. Although I was hoping for oranges and reds, most of the trees up in the rockies and even Vancouver are this yellow. Apparently the colours are more spectacular in the east of Canada.


Jasper is yet another place I would love to visit in winter. A photographer I follow recently posted this photo from a lake halfway between Jasper and Banff (and slightly east) showing yet another one of the spectacular sights to see here in winter!


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