Flowers at Point Defiance Park – Tacoma

I know not everyone is excited by photos of flowers. I am. For some reason I love taking these photos. Could I tell you the name of any of these flowers? Nope! Okay, maybe I could the rose!

Mastering the light (back lit, front lit, side lit), the depth of field (which bits do you want clear and which do you want blurry) and composition of the photo can have huge effects on the finished result. And also, two people may look at a flower and photograph it in two completely different, but beautiful ways.

These photos all have an aperture of between 4.5 and 7.3. I have a tendency to use too small a depth of field (the lens goes to a low f number, why shouldn’t I use it?!). The lens goes to a low of f 2.8. Many macro lenses will go one or two f stops lower than this.

These are all taken at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma.


Click on any of the below photos to see them larger:


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