Christmas at Manning Park, take 2

We headed back to Manning Park this year, sans grandparents. Here are a few photos from this year – at lot less photos than last year, so if you want to see more of the beauty and fun, check out last years post about Manning. The beautiful creek at the start of that blog was covered in snow this year :(, so no more photos of that one.



Our host at the AirBnB we are staying in for the month of December kindly lent us a Christmas tree for the apartment, so we took it away with us (don’t tell!) and it definitely added to the Christmasy feel.

(Click any of the photos below to enlarge.)


Could get any more wintery than this photo?


On our drive home, we spotted authentic Canadian fishermen (and kids and possibly fisherwomen) making holes in the ice and fishing. Definitely not a sport for me! It was only -5C (23F) though, so many Canadians might think this is balmy weather to go fishing in!!

We had a second floor room this year so we had a view of icicles from our room. They are beautiful and very, very cold – Chris thought it would be funny to play with one.


As always from the ski hills, the view was beautiful. This is the view from the carpark.


How did you spend Christmas? Was it hotΒ or cold?




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